The Incident In Tesla
(Supernatural Suspense Mystery)

“A tale of dark Americana colliding with troublemakers with a dream”

Daniel Dean is a man on the run for murder who thought that he could hide out with his sister in the quiet hidden town of Tesla, Virginia. But soon, Daniel runs into unexpected trouble in the form of a mysterious girl named, Chloe Winchester. Chloe, who seems to be out of her mind, claims that Daniel is the only person that can help her conquer whats been causing her madness. Can Daniel really trust Chloe, and is the town of Tesla more than what it appears to be on the surface? In one dangerous night, Daniel will find out the truth.

“A story about finding the what it takes to break free from the hand cuffs that have been holding you back”

The Film Makers

Joe Carabeo

Brian Sarvis




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