Welcome to the production diaries of the Astray Productions, Joe Carabeo and Brian Sarvis produced feature film, the suspense, mystery, crime noir, HELP WANTED.

In the following weeks we’ll take you through our crazy journey of  making this feature film happen. Starting from the very beginning,  Images of the construction, production videos from the set and even casting. 3 times a week we will upload images of our progress and sometimes even our missteps in the making of this movie.

Our goal is to show as much as we can on the production of the film, Help Wanted. From the good to the bad, the ups and the downs, this is an entity on to itself that will be a documentation of “This is what happened?” Our hope is that no matter what, it will be ether interesting, heartbreaking or inspiring, we WILL show you a beginning, middle and end.

Some of our past work.

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