32. The Damn Door pt 2

Welcome back the Help Wanted (working title) feature film construction blog!

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Now just before we head back into the door business from the last post, we have one last thing that’s been waiting forever to get done.

The Front counter.

VIDEO – Brain tells Joe to hold this.

VIDEO – Finally, the trim!

Back to the door adventure.

So we talk to our main executive in charge of the grounds, Robert Guva, about the dilemma of the door. And of course being the extremely nice person that he is, said that he possibly has a door that’s not being used in one of the scary barns. He said if it’s not being used, we can put it to use. Awesome.

So we took a look.

BELOW – The search begins.

BELOW – Maybe up here!

There were a few doors after all.

And this guy was the one. But how are we gonna get him down?

Oh we’ll just drop him out the barn.

Plan worked. The easiest thing we’ve had to do this whole construction period.

VIDEO – Brian can carry anything!

BELOW – So now we have a solid wood door. It’s pretty snazzy.

But now the challenge of trimming it down starts again.

Can Joe be up for the task?

Let the sawing begin! (again)

VIDEO – Once more, you must be perfect, Joe.

Guess what we were talking about?

VIDEO – The second cut.

Well there you go. A lot more mess, but we got the door that fits.

BELOW – God is surely shining down on us on this day.

After Brian attached the door it was time to test it out.

VIDEO – Brian is the first one to test the door.

BELOW – The glorious mess.

The sunsets are so beautiful on the lot.

VIDEO – One last look

Now we celebrate our victory like only we can.

With slurpees!

Thanks for checking out the blog. Hope to see you at the next post.

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