31. The Damn Door

Good evening everybody, welcome to the construction/production blog to Joe Carabeo and Brian Sarvis’s newest feature film, Help Wanted (working title)

We’re gonna reveal to you all the magic that we make.

In this episode, we work during the night.

Which gives us the perfect opportunity to try out the newly installed overhead booth lamps.

VIDEO- The booth lamps in all their glory.

We’re very happy with the waythey turned out. But now it’s time to get to finishing up some unfinished business, like doors all types of doors.

First, we had to install the fake cabinet doors that would be placed on the fake cabinets by basically screwing them in from the back of the cabinet that doesn’t even exist.

Once these were screwed in and secure, the Hollywood cabinets would then be leaned against the back wall with the hopes of someone, someday, attempt to open them and become frustrated.

Now it was time to have at the main door.

Our goal was to have a double swinging door. So the first thing that needed to happen was strip everything off that stopped that from happen for us.

While we were in the area, Brian and I also decided it would be the perfect time to start creating the illusion of our kitchen. Which first meant that we have to block out the windows. So that’s what we did.

Once all that was done, it was time to take a journey back to our “favorite” place on earth, Lowe’s.

Time for some door shopping.

Just like everything else, this is where the trouble starts. We thought, ” OH yeah. They’ll have all the doors in the world for us to choose from”. So not the case. After taking the measurements of the doorway that were dealing with and then going to the store. We found out the hard way that there’s no such door with our measurements. This then lead the discussion of, “Maybe we should saw the door” or “Maybe we should just keep looking on other places”. As fun as all those options were, if we were to keep looking we would lose lots of time and possibly still not end up with something that we could use. But if we were to cut the door, Joe’s skills will be truly put to the test for cutting a completely straight line with a table saw. Both risking money and time in the process.  So, of course, the executive decision was for Joe to put everything on the line. No risk no gain, right?

VIDEO – Lets balance the door on Brian’s Head.

So there’s the door. One of the biggest concerns that we had was that our door would be hallow on the inside. If this was true, when Joe trims the edges of the door, the door would then reveal to have just a big hole in the inside because the door is not solid wood, but pieced together. Making the door completely unusable. Lets find out the hard way.

First thing, lets see if this door fits.

Of course it doesn’t. So now it’s time to begin the trimming.

BELOW – Brian begins the the measurements.

VIDEO – The First cut.

VIDEO – The second cut.

And that’s what we were afraid of.

That opening on the ends would continue to happen because was just to big and we could only trim so much before just having two pieces of wood left.

But for the hell of it, we rigged that door with hinges in place just so we could see how it would feel like to have a door installed.

But still. The adventure continues…

Thanks for tuning in. See you next post.

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