35. The Tear Down

Welcome back to the construction blog of Brian Sarvis and Joe Carabeo’s newest feature film, Help Wanted (Working title)

I’m gonna keep it real simple for this post.

Here’s is our diner set.

Of course it needs some decorations and some dressing to make it complete, but there is still something very off about it. We looked back at the photos that we’ve had on this blog (which has now become a picture reference for us) and decided that we don’t really like the aluminum in the background.

It was a half punch so to speak and we wanted a full punch. We felt that if weren’t gonna have a full back wall of shiny aluminum, that maybe we shouldn’t have that one piece of aluminum there at all. It was sorta of a tease.

So we decided to tear that sucker down and put up a matching chalk board.

VIDEO – Brian scrapping away at the left over glue.

Well, you know what’s next.

We gotta make another chalk board.  (And I just wanna make a movie!)

VIDEO – So how do we get this all to fit in the truck??

VIDEO – It actually fits!

BELOW – We can only look so cool doing this.

Below – Back to the measuring

BELOW – Back to the cleaning

VIDEO –  And of course back to the cutting. (Feels like we’ve done this before)

Again, the creation of the frame.

The stain

and the black board…

But in all seriousness.

There was a big decision that had to be made. A decision that would change the landscape of everything that you’ve been following.

This name has to change.

And we’ll tell you why at the next post.

Thanks for checking out our progress and following us through this journey so far.

Time to start placing bets.

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